• Better Bear is a 14 inch jointed stuffed bear that has been created to bring comfort to those in time of need with various diseases, disorders or discomforts.
  • Better Bear comforts those in time of need - children and adults.
  • Better Bear comes with original comfort jacket (which is interchangeable) and additional jackets may be purchased according to emblems that represent the disease, disorder or discomfort of the individual person.
  • Better Bear comes with a booklet attached to the bear¡¯s arm showing the description of the various diseases, disorders, or discomforts. The emblems inside the jacket pocket are animals or symbols that associate the various disease, disorder or discomfort of the individual.



We have always felt that God put us on this earth to create. 


I understand the needs and sufferings of many families as my son, Jason, suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  Jason is the inspiration behind Better Bear giving us a goal, desire and the purpose to help others in need.


Our hope is that Better Bear brings comfort through the struggles of life¡¯s journey.


(Better Bear is recommended for ages 3 and up and comforts those in time of need.)